Bitcoin whitepaper – 10 years celebration (Amsterdam – 31st October)

Exactly 10 years ago, on October 31, Satoshi Nakamoto published a technical invention that made it possible for citizens to take money into their own hands. With the bitcoin blockchain, people could transfer value themselves in a way that did not involve a central government authority.

publicationIt would still take a few months (until January 2009) before the system got technically up and running, but one thing was certain. As politicians, regulators and bankers tumbled over each other to defuse the financial crisis, the bitcoin became the means for the uprising of the common man against the big evil money system.

Celebration and crowd-sourcing of memories

The 10th birthday of the bitcoin whitepaper calls for a commemorative festivity, certainly given the fact that this October is the Month of the history with the theme: revolt and uprising.

Therefore on Wednesday 31st of October, you are invited to come to the bistro in the Beurs of Berlage and raise the glass on what has happened since then. What has the bitcoin experienced and brought to you? Is there still a revolt going on or has the established financial order managed to encapsulate the uprising?

As a part of the celebration, Simon Lelieveldt (of Financial History of Amsterdam) will explain why the Beurs van Berlage can be seen as a symbol of revolt. He will explain the kinship between the philosophy behind the construction of the Beurs van Berlage and the one behind the Bitcoin set-up. And he places the bitcoin in a broader historical perspective of reflection on the impact of the crisis. A movement in which Occupy Now also has a role.

After the lecture (which will take place between 20.00 and 20.30) there will be plenty of time for peer-to-peer networking and sharing of memories. Participants that wish to do so are invited to share their early memories on bitcoin, captured in A-4 format, so that we can create a bundle of those memories to be preserved for later generations.  Also, those who can’t attend are invited to share their memories via e-mail (click here).

This celebration is made possible by the generous contribution of Bitonic, the oldest bitcoin exchange in the Netherlands.